3 days / 3 nights - 11 dives - Similan islands - MQ5

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Similan islands liveaboard MQ 5


4.000.- Baht discount on all trips departinge between 15 March and 15 May

Do you have a fully planned holiday schedule but still want to do some Similan live aboard diving? Then this Similan Islands liveaboard scuba diving trip is perfect for you!

3 days and 3 nights you will be cruising around the Similan Islands and Koh Bon enjoying the best Thailand liveaboard diving and the tropical landscape of the beautiful Similan Islands and Koh Bon.

On this Similan Islands liveaboard trip you are going to do 11 dives at the best dive sites at the Similan islands, Koh Bon and the famous Boonsung wreck. The Similan Islands are quite easy to dive what makes this South Thailand liveaboard trip perfect for novice divers. . . but at the same time the diving here is exciting enough that advanced divers don’t get bored either.

The groups you are diving in are small: maximum 5 divers with one professional dive guide. These dive groups are based on certification level and experience.

So, what does your liveaboard tour looks like?

At the departure day you will be picked up at your Phuket accommodation in the afternoon or at your Khao Lak accommodation in the early evening. The registration happens in the Khao Lak dive center and the transfer to the boat will be around 8 pm. Upon arrival at the Similan Island liveaboard you will get a general boat briefing, the cabins are allocated, dinner will be served and you can set up your Equipment.

On the morning of the first day you awake early at the Similan Islands and the entire day you will dive around the Similan Island, 4 dives at different dive sites altogether. Between the dives there is plenty of space on this Similan Islands liveaboard boat to relax and enjoy the time: You’ve got the open dining area and a large sundeck on top of the liveaboard with sunny and shaded areas. In the afternoon you can use the dinghy to spend some time on the beautiful beaches. Important Note: The National Park administration allows visitors now only on the Similan Island beaches!

On day 2 there are 3 dives again around the Similan Islands and for your sunset dive the Thailand liveaboard will take you north to the island Koh Bon.

Day 3 brings 2 more exciting dives at Koh Bon, including the stunning Koh Bon Pinnacle (covert in yellow corals) for the early morning dive with the chance to see schooling batfish and barracudas or even the majestic manta rays. While you having lunch and relax again, the Similan Island liveaboard is heading back towards the harbor but will stop for your last dive of this trip at the amazing Boonsung wreck. You will arrive at the Khao Lak dive center in the afternoon and about half an hour later you are on your way back to your resorts in Phuket or Khao Lak.

The M/V Manta Queen V is a 26 meter long and 5 m wide wooden vessel which accommodates 22 guests in spacious twin bed air conditioned cabins. 5 experienced dive staff and 6 friendly and helpful boat crew members will take good care for you throughout your entire Similan Island liveaboard trip.

All tasty meals onboard (a variety of Thai and Western dishes) are freshly cooked and served in buffet style. Vegetarian or vegan meals are available and there is no use of Monosodium Glutamate. If you are allergic to Nuts or other food ingredients please tell the staff during your check in at the dive center!  Snacks and fruits are served in between the dives.


Departure Day

Pick up from your resort in Khao Lak or Phuket 

  • 19.00  PM   Arrival at the dive center, checking in
  • 20.00  PM   Transfer to the liveaboard
  • 20.30  PM   General boat briefing
  • 20.45  PM   Cabin location
  • 21.00  PM   Equipment set up
  • 21.00  PM   Light dinner buffet


Day 1 : 4 Dives

  • 06.15 AM   Wakeup call /  Light Breakfast
  • 06.45 AM   Dive and safety briefing
  • 07.30 AM   Dive 1 # Similan islands
  • 09.00 AM   Full breakfast and time to relax
  • 10.45 AM   Dive 2 # Similan islands
  • 12.15 PM    Lunch buffet, time to relax and beach walk
  • 13.45 PM    Dive 3 # Similan islands
  • 16.30 PM    Time for relaxing, fruits and snacks
  • 17.00 PM    Dive 4 # Similan islands
  • 19.00 PM    Dinner buffet
  • Overnight stay at a bay at the Similan islands


Day 2 : 4 Dives

  • 06.00 AM   Wakeup call /  Light Breakfast
  • 06.30 AM    Dive 5 # Similan islands
  • 08.00 AM    Full breakfast and time to relax
  • 10.30 AM    Dive 6 # Similan islands
  • 12.15 PM    Lunch buffet, time to relax
  • 13.45 PM    Dive 7 # Similan islands
  • 16.00 PM    Time for relaxing, fruits and snacks
  • 17.00 PM    Dive 8 # Similan islands
  • 19.00 PM    Dinner buffet
  • Overnight stay at a bay at the Similan islands


Day 3 : 3 Dives

  • 05.45 AM   Wakeup call /  Light Breakfast
  • 06.15 AM    Dive 9 # Koh Bon Pinnacle
  • 08.00 AM    Full breakfast and time to relax 
  • 19.00 AM    Dive 10 # Koh Bon, Westridge
  • 11.45 AM    Lunch buffet, time to relax
  • 12.30 AM    Dive 11 # Boonsung wreck
  • 13.30 PM    Snack and fruits, departure briefing
  • 15.00 PM    Arrival at the dive center
  • 15.30 PM    Transfer to your resort in Khao Lak or Phuket


Departure schedule Manta Queen 5 liveaboard  3 days / 3 nights
Season 2017 -2018 
Trip number 
Departure date
Arrival date
Trip 147
30 October
02 November
Trip 148
03 November
06 November
Trip 149
07 November
10 November
Trip 150
11 November
14 November
Trip 151
15 November
18 November
Trip 152
19 November
22 November
Trip 153
23 November
26 November
Trip 164
27 November 
30 November 
Trip 165 
01 December 
04 December 
Trip 166
05 December
08 December
Trip 167
09 December
12 December
Trip 168
13 December
16 December
Trip 169
17 December 
20 December 
Trip 170 
21 December 
24 December 
Trip 171 
25 December 
28 December 
Trip 172
29 December 
01 January
Trip 173 
02 January
05 January
Trip 174 
06 January
09 January 
Trip 175 
10 January
13 January
Trip 176 
14 January
17 January
Trip 177
18 January
21 January
Trip 178
22 January
25 January
Trip 179
26 January
29 January
Trip 180
30 January
02 February
Trip 181
03 February
06 February
Trip 182
07 February
10 February
Trip 183
11 February
14 February
Trip 184
15 February
18 February
Trip 185
19 February
22 February
Trip 186
23 February
26 February
Trip 187
27 February
02 March
Trip 188
03 March
06 March
Trip 189
07 March
10 March
Trip 190
11 March
14 March
Trip 191
15 March
18 March
Trip 192
19 March
22 March
Trip 193
23 March
26 March
Trip 194
27 March
30 March
Trip 195
31 March
03 April
Trip 196
04 April
07 April
Trip 197
08 April
11 April
Trip 198
12 April
15 April
Trip 199
16 April
19 April
Trip 200
20 April
23 April
Trip 201
24 April
27 April
Trip 202
28 April
01 May
Trip 203
02 May
05 May
Trip 204
06 May
09 May
Trip 205
10 May
13 May

Boat Info

MQ 5

This liveaboard is perfect for cruising around the Similan islands and Koh Boh

The  M/V Manta Queen V accommodates 22 guests in spacious twin bed air conditioned cabins. 

Technical specifications

Lenght : 26 Meters
Width: 5 meters
Hull: Wood
Engines: 2 x Hino 450 HP 10 cylinder
Generators: 1 x 40kW 1x 50kW
Compressor: x 2 (Air)
Cruising Speed: 8-9 knots
Navigation: GPS Sat. Navigation, Sonar, Compass


  • Boat Crew: 

       1 Captain
       1 Engineer
       4 Deckhands
       2 Cooks

  • Dive Crew: 

        1 Tour leader
        4 multilingual Divemaster/Instructors


Safety: VHF Radio, Emergency Oxygen Unit, Automatic Life-raft, Life-jackets/rings, First Aid Kit


MQ 5
Liveaboard MQ5 twin bed cabin


Included in the liveaboard prices are:
  • Transfer from and back to Khao Lak or Phuket*.
  • 24 Hour diving medical service on the liveaboard 
  • Experienced dive guide ( maximum 5 guest with 1 dive guide )
  • All meals, coffee, tea, drinking water, snacks & fruits.
  • Towels and shampoo

Not included in the prices are

  • National park and diving fees
  • Price : 1.100.- Baht
  • Full set of diving equipment : regulator, long or short wetsuit, bcd, pressure gauge, depth gauge, mask, snorkel, full foot fins, tank, weightbelt  
  • Price 1.200.- Baht ( 400.- Baht per day )
  • Transfer from Phuket available for 250 Baht per person for one way. 500 Baht for a round trip.
Time for pick up from Phuket        
Rawai Green Leaf Gasoline station                                     12.30 - 12.40
Chalong Pier                                                       12.45 - 12.50
Kata ( from guests accommodation )                                          13.15 - 13.30
Karon (from guests accommodation ) 13.30 - 13.50
Patong (from guests accommodation ) 14.10 - 14.50
Phuket Town Rassada Pier                                                      14.45 - 15.10
PhuketTown McDonalds/Robinson Shopping Mall          14.45 - 15.10
Kamala (from guests accommodation )  15.10 - 15.30
Surin (from guests accommodation )     15.40 - 16.00
Bang Tao (from guests accommodation )                            15.40 - 16.00
*Phuket Airport                                                     16.00 - 16.30
Pick up from you accommodation in Khao Lak between 17.30 -18.00   

* International arrivals at the new terminal at the entrance gate 4

* Domestic flights in front of the Burger King Restaurant on the upper floor


Contact Us

Location & Dive Sites

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The Similan islands, Koh Bon , Koh Tachai and Richelieu rock are parts of Marine National parks.

The parks are open from the 15th of October till the 15th of May. From the 16th of May till the 14th of October the National parks are closed. Visiting the islands or dive sites is not allowed.

From the of May to the beginning of October the  Southwest Monsoon comes to Thailand from the Indian Ocean and impacts the Andaman Coast. Then the sea waters of the Andaman Coast are disturbed, weather conditions can change very quickly and high waves can make travelling at sea quit a challenge. 

For the 2 days – 1 nights liveaboard trip there is a pick up service for the Khao Lak area.

For the 3 days – 3 nights, 4 days – 4 days and 5 days – 5 nights liveaboard trip there is a pick up service for the Khao Lak area and the major tourist towns on Phuket, including Phuket  airport.

From Bangkok you can take flight to Phuket airport  and from there a taxi to Khao Lak. It’s also possible to take a night bus from the Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal ( Sai Tai Mai Bus station)  to Khao Lak which takes about an 11 hours .

From Koh Samui, Koh Phang an and Kao Tao you can take a ferry to Surthani and from there the bus Khao Lak.

From Phuket  you can take a bus to Khao Lak. The bus starts at Phuket town bus station and it takes about  2 -2 1/2 hours to Khao Lak.

The maximum depth permitted on all trips is 30 meters, 99 feet for Open Water Divers with the Deep Adventure Dive certification, Advanced Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Instructors.

Open Water Divers without any additional Deep training will not be permitted to dive deeper than 18 meters, 59 feet.

The maximum depth for Junior open water divers 10 or 11 years old is 12 meters. The maximum depth for junior open water divers 12 years and older is 18 meters.

The maximum depth for Junior advanced open water divers between the age of 12 and 14 years old is 21 meters.


Yes, all meals are included in the price as well as coffee, tea and water. Th meals are served in buffet style. Vegetarian meals are possible . During the day fruits are served. All other drinks ordered have to be paid separately.