Premchai Wreck

Premchai Wreck sunk in 2001 close to Tap Lamu, a few hundred meters of Naiyak and Thai Muang Beach. Her hull now rests in a good condition at a depth of around 21 meters in an angle of about 60˚. Some debris fell off the deck and is scattered around the main hull.  She is also known by many other names such as “Condreco” “Naiyak Wreck” and “Thai Muang Wreck”. She was built in Sliedrecht in the Netherlands in 1976. She ended her working days as a tin dredger for the Premchai Tin Mining Company off the west side of Phang Nga province. They let here sink on purpose for the benefit of recreational diving.
All about the dive at Premchai Wreck 
As time passes by more aquatic life is finding its home on this beautiful intact wreck. It is possible to penetrate the wreck, though it is not that great due to the extreme amount of silt inside. On the outside there is more than plenty to see, from soft corals to a variety of nudibranchs, mollusks,  scorpion fish, cuttlefish, crocodile fish, mantis shrimp, orangutan crab, and moray eels.
For the eagle-eyed the ornate ghost pipefish is a real challenge to spot on the soft coral.
The ornate ghost pipefish or harlequin ghost pipefish, is actually a false pipefish. They reach a maximum length of 12 cm. They vary in color from red or yellow to black and are almost transparent. They feed mostly on shrimps.  Although relatively common, ornate ghost pipefish are very well-camouflaged and difficult to find.
You’ll have to pay close attention to your deco limit because, although the sandy bottom of the site is no deeper than 22 meters, you will spend the majority of the dive between this depth and the top of the wreck, found around 16 meters.


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