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With more than 15 years of experience, Similan Dive Center is a PADI dive center and an authorized Mares Dive World shop located at Bang Niang beach road in beautiful Khao Lak Thailand. We're  a one stop service shop offering  a selection of the best Thailand's diving  liveaboard trips and diving daytrips to the best dive sites in Thailand : Similan islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, wrecks and Richelieu rock. Our friendly and professional sales staff ensures your Thailand vacation is a truly memorable one. The Similan islands are known as one of the world's greatest scuba locations in the world with hundreds of divers visiting the islands every year. Every liveaboard and diving daytrips is a scuba divers dream. We provide you with a personal service that will make your Scuba Diving trip with us your best one yet.

Similan Dive Center brings you up close to the world's most unique, species of tropical reef fish and creatures, from the majestic whale sharks and mantas to the seahorses and nudibranches. The most popular liveaboard, scuba diving and snorkeling activities on offer are at the beautiful reefs and coral formations of the Similan Islands, Koh Bon , Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. Enjoy one of the best things to do in Thailand by booking a  trip with us. Book online or call our staff and we will make sure that you get the most out of your diving trip. 

Similan Dive Center liveaboard trips to the Similan islandsKhao Lak diving liveaboard trips with Similan Dive Center Khao LakRichelieu rock liveaboard trip with Similan Dive Center liveaboard trips Experience it yourself with Similan Dive Center liveaboard trips
Beautiful underwater world.... Photos made by: Cony Chen

Thailand Similan islands diving liveaboard trips

When you step up the Similan islands diving liveaboard, you are entering a magical world. The wonders of the Andaman Sea will unfold before your eyes during your diving expedition. The onboard, multi-lingual guides will share their in-depth knowledge of the underwater world. Add the best boat crew, Thai cuisine, relaxing atmosphere, plenty of sunshine and the renowned marine species diversity and abundance that gives the Andaman Sea its deserved reputation as a paradise for divers and you've got everything you could possibly want for the ultimate live aboard scuba diving adventure. Our Khao Lak Diving Center offers trips from  2 Days /1 Nights Liveaboard trips to 5 Days / 5 Nights Liveaboard trips. See here or complete  Similan Liveaboards » overview
Check our new 4 days / 4 nights Thailand liveaboard schedule for 2015 - 2016 season.

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Thailand diving Day Trips: Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai ,Richelieu Rock and local wrecks!

Are you looking for a Similan islands diving day trip or a diving daytrip to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu rock or local dive sites  like Boonsung wreck, Khao Na  Yak reef or Premchai wreck. Similan Dive Center offers various diving day trips to various destinations in the Andaman Sea.The most popular trip is a diving daytrip with 2 dives at the Similan islands. Cruise in comfort on the big boat with enough space to relax during trip up and down the Similans. All the trips are done from Khao Lak Thailand.  Similan Dive Center Daytrips »

Fast catamaran to Richelieu rock, Koh Bon or Koh Tachai

Thailand PADI Diving Courses

Similan Dive Center offer a range of PADI courses from Open Water diver to advanced divers or go Pro with our Divemaster and Instructor courses. Similan Dive Center has the suitable course for you. Theory and swimming pool sessions are done in the first 2 days. Dives at the open sea can be done at Khao Lak local reef, with daytrips to the Similan Islands by a big daytrip boat or get the best out of your course with a trip on the liveaboard.

Similan Dive Center at the Bang Niang road in Khao Lak

Mares Dive Center

With 14 years experience with selling Mares diving equipment, Similan Dive Center is selected as one of the very few Mares Dive world shops in Thailand. Similan Dive Center is located in Bang Niang , Khao Lak and  is offering the largest range in diving ,snorkel equipment and beach wear in Khao Lak. Our staff is always available to give honest advice on equipment selection, from the wide range of stock in our retail store. If we do not have the items you require, we will endeavor to get them for you in 24 hours, or point you in the direction of a supplier who can. Our aim at Similan Dive Center is to provide a service that will leave you feeling happy with your decisions and confidant in your purchases

Authorized Mares Dive world shop in Khao LakQuality diving equipment shop in Khao LakSun  protection shirts, available at Similan Dive Center Khao LakQuality snorkeling equipment shop in Khao Lak.

Sea , sand and sun , experience it with Similan Dive Center liveaboard tripsSimilan islands Snorkeling Tour

Sea,Sand,Sun and lots of fun
Snorkeling is fun, safe, and easy with Similan Dive Center. Join us for our daily tour to the white beaches of the Similan islands with its shallow coral reefs. Our friendly crew specializes in kids, families, and first time snorkelers. You will be absolutely amazed by clear azure blue water, white sand, coral reefs, tropical fish and sometime dolphins. Similan Dive Center Snorkel trips >>
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Sea horse at Richelieu rock. Get up close with Similan Dive Center liveaboard tripsSimilan Dive Center

wants to promote the Similan Islands and Photographers ! We offer the opportunity to post your photos on our website. Photos of Corals, fish, mantas and more: like beaches of the Islands in the Andaman Sea, are more than welcome! You will get your own gallery with your photos tagged with your name, location and description of the photo.
If you are interested and want to join us please contact us

Having fun after the dive at the Similan islands diving liveaboard tour


As student divers learn about and witness marine life, they realize its intrinsic value and importance as part of the global ecosystem. Similan Dive Center offers courses such as A.W.A.R.E. Diver, Underwater Naturalist, these course are designed to increase awareness of issues threatening aquatic life, develop knowledge and appreciation of marine ecosystems, and stress proper interaction with the underwater environment. We offer courses for all levels of divers, from first-timers with no experience to professionals looking to continue their education.
Scuba divers literally immerse themselves in nature's largest playground and witness first-hand the beauty and sensitive nature of the ocean. Given our position we feel it is our duty to promote environmental awareness and responsible behavior, embrace sustainable business practices, and actively pursue community and global stewardship efforts. We play an active role in community efforts to conserve and restore the environment.
Spot the leopard shark

Spot the leopard shark is a community-based monitoring program. Photographs of leopard sharks taken by divers allow scientist to monitor individual sharks and estimate the size of the population. Each leopard has a unique pattern that is used to indentify it. Your photo will be matched with the patterns in the database.

Diving with whale sharks during your Similan islands diving liveaboard tour

About Khao Lak

Similan Dive Center is located at the Bang Niang beach road The village of Khao Lak with just a sprinkling of hotels,          restaurants and shops offers peace and serenity. Nestled  between the balmy Andaman Sea and the raw beauty of Khao  Lak National Park, the tranquil Regeneration in the area has  seen a host of deluxe resorts, boutique hotels and traditional  bungalows built sympathetically to retain its untouched charm  and laid back spirit. With a picture postcard landscape of  enchanting waterfalls and mysterious temple caves combined  with shimmering shores and natural wildlife, it is an idyllic  hideaway where you can unwind in stunning surroundings. A  gateway to some of the top dive areas in southern Thailand,  Khao Lak originally started as a diving destination, with people  drawn by the enchanting Similan and Surin Islands. With  colorful coral gardens and an underwater world teeming with  anemones in a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows and blues, you  are also likely to encounter white tip sharks, rays, snappers,  barracudas and turtles in the shimmering water that lap the  glittering shores. Spend your days listening to the sound of the  surf as you run your fingers through the soft sands, perhaps lying under the shade of the palms and caesarians pine trees that lace the beach or create your own adventure in the enchanting rainforest filled with wildlife and vibrant color.

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