The Similan Dive Center offers various diving daytrips to different destinations in the Andaman Sea. If you are looking for a Similan Islands daytrip or a diving daytrip to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock or local dive sites, this is the page to go.

The most popular trip is the Similan Islands diving daytrip with 2 dives at the best dive sites in the Similan Islands Marine Park.

Cruise in comfort on the brand new, custom-built high speed Catamaran MC Sundancer, which brings you to your dive sites in just 2 hours. The comfortable boat guarantees stability in the water and has an expansive dive deck and a cozy salon. The on-board kitchen offers delicious breakfast and freshly cooked lunch buffet style on every trip; snacks and fresh fruit are served after the last dive on your way back to Khao Lak.  

The Khao Lak diving daytrips to Koh Tachai, Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock are done with the fast Catamaran MV Wet-Cat, one of the best daytrip boats around. This multi-hull daytrip boat offers a comfortable and fast ride; it takes only 1 hour 15 to reach Koh Bon. The sundeck gives you extra space to relax during the surface interval. This boat takes a maximum of 16 guests.

Between the dives a lunch is served on the boat and you get some time to tan on the sundeck, snorkel or just relax. After the second dive you might exchange experiences with the other participants and fill in your log book while enjoying fresh fruits or having a cold drink on the way back.

Explore the huge granite boulders, caverns, numerous swim-throughs and 5000 years old coral reefs which build a fascinating underwater landscape. The corals come in several shapes and forms, like staghorn, leafy, brain, mushroom, whip, table, maze and pore coral. . . just to name a few. Not to forget the giant sea fans and gorgonians, colorful soft corals and anemones. This environment attracts a huge variety of marine life, from tiny creatures like shrimps, crabs, clownfish, pipefish and sea horses, big schools of tropical reef fish, butterfly fish, angelfish, banner fish, snappers, scorpion fish, trevallies, groupers, barracudas, moray eels and octopus to different sharks and triggerfish, stingrays, turtles, giant manta rays and majestic whale sharks.

The water clarity is excellent and the scenery varies with each dive site. Every trip to the Andaman Sea provides a new exciting diving experience!

If you are an underwater photographer, you don’t want to miss out. . . bring the big memory card and enough batteries, since all dive sites offer everything, from stunning landscapes to macro life and big fish encounters. 

If you are looking for a short diving trip to enrich your holiday at Khao Lak without taking too much of your time, the daytrip to the Boonsung Wreck might be something for you.

Wreck diving is one of the most exciting parts of diving – an old ship wreck, which sank somewhere out in the open sea for some mysterious reasons. . . Let’s explore it!

The Boonsung Wreck lays closed to the coast of Khao Lak, positioned on serene flat sand at 18 to 20 meters, with the decks in about 12 meters depth. The wreck itself is about 60 meters long, 12 meters wide and 6 meters high.

This dive trip is done on M/V Runaway, a classic teakwood boat with an exclusive downstairs salon, a comfortable covered sundeck and a toilet.

On every daytrip you are doing 2 dives of 45 to 60 minutes with maximum 4 divers per experienced dive guide. Each Divemaster gives a detailed dive briefing to his group and helps you with setting up your diving gear.

Dive groups are based on certification level and dive experience; this way everybody will feel comfortable: from novice open water diver to the more experienced diver.